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Oscar's 2013 Goals Empty Oscar's 2013 Goals

Post  Oscar Perez on Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:11 pm

Hey guess what? cheers

They are the same. I just need to strengthen what i have been doing. An important difference is that this year I will be doing alot more writing, composition of tunes but also of lines and solos. Ear training will also be a big part.

Once again, none of this stuff matters unless I constantly apply it to tunes and real life situations! So application is the key for this stuff to stick.

Two Part Goal: To focus on further development of an original sound while continuing to strengthen the foundation

1. Strong Foundation

a. Harmony
-Solo Piano Transcription (including Bill Evans and Stride)
-Finally learning all substitutions for blues, Rhythm Changes and Basic Chord Progressions

b. Melody
-getting more comfortable soloing in all keys (putting some bebop heads in 12 keys)

c. Rhythm
-playing on difficult forms, tunes with hits in weird places, odd time signatures
-metronome studies to develop better time

2. Original Sound

a. Harmony
- Solo Piano techniques such as inner voices and LH figures I like.
- Chords / Voicings I like

b. Melody
-passing tones and writing my own lines
-exploring the different extensions on chords

c. Rhythm
-phrasing from transcriptions
-writing my own phrasing

d. Developing personal techniques (tricks) that people identify as mine


Other things to practice:

Tune Learning
-Picking 50 songs I absolutely love and haven't learned and tackling one a week
-Review of learned tunes
-putting some standards in 12 keys

Latin Piano
-styles and tunes
-montuno development

Command of the Instrument

Free Play - expressive time on the instrument

Classical Repertoire

Break down of Time Spent:

Very general, but I plan to spend:

1.5 hours on Garry's Material
-passing tones
-chords/ voicings
-solo piano
-ear training

1 hours on:
-Tune Learning

1.5 Hour on:
-Transcription plus whatever I'm into that week
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